The Rob Guest Endowment Technical Award

The Rob Guest Endowment Technical Award in honour of Sue Nattrass is for the encouragement of a young member of a technical field within the musical theatre industry. This award is intended to help a current member of a technical department of theatre, including (but not limited to) stage management, mechanists, flymen, automation, sound, lighting, wigs and wardrobe, fund the tuition and experience needed to help them become a leader in their field.

The Award

The award is a $10,000 cash prize to be used for professional development. This award is fully funded by Capitol Theatre and Sydney Lyric.


  • Fill in the application form on the Rob Guest Endowment website by 3rd November 2017.
  • A clear vision for the use of funds should be shown as a part of the application
  • As well as the official application form, two references are required:
    • A technical reference discussing their technical abilities, which may include the training vision and future direction of the applicant. This would preferably be from a teacher, private or tertiary, who can accurately comment on the applicant’s abilities.
    • A professional character reference discussing the applicant’s ability to communicate, their ability to work with others, suitability for musical theatre work and general character. This would preferably be from the head of department, stage manager or technical director, but can also be a personal character reference if the artist hasn’t yet been a part of a professional production.
  • The judging panel will read all application materials, discuss and decide upon the award winner. Their decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Additional queries from registered applicants should be sent to


  • Applicants must be aged between 18-30 at 1stNovember 2017.
  • Applicants may be a member of any technical field required for the production of theatre works.
  • Tertiary training is preferable, but not essential. Applicants will be assessed by written application and references, including tertiary tutors where applicable.
  • Professional experience or a current position in a professional show will not exclude any applicants from applying.
  • Applicants must be an Australian citizen.

Key Dates

Applications Open: Thursday 3rd August 2017
Application Close: Midnight, 3rd November 2017
Finals: Monday 20th November 2017


Judging Criteria

The 2017 judging panel will consist of three of Musical Theatre’s leading technical experts.  Throughout the judging process, the judges will review contestants on the below criteria.
The judges will award the prize to an exceptionally talented member from any one of the technical fields, who will benefit from the opportunity to train further, build networks with experienced professionals, and to actively contribute to the industry in a positive way.

Applicants will be judged on the following aspects through the application process:

  1. Technical strength through training and/or experience
  2. A clear vision of how they could develop further, and an ability to communicate those ideas
  3. Suitability of their character for musical theatre work
  4. Employment potential
  5. Suitability of being an award winner, and therefore representative of the Rob Guest Endowment

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for further details of the competition and award.

Judging Panel

The judges for the 2017 award will be announced in due course.